Holy Trinity History Book

Over the last 7 years a small but dedicated team of Trinity members headed by Sheila Maddock, along with local historians, have been compiling a body of information that shows how, for 175 years, Holy Trinity Church has served the local community at the top of Stroud.

In late 2014, a book charting the first 100 years of Holy Trinity’s history was published:- The Church by Stroud Hospital – Part 1: Victorian Vision (1839 – 1939) – Written by Philip Walmsley – Which follows the story from the Church’s inception to the outbreak of WW2.The initial print run of 150 copies sold out within 2 weeks much to the delight of everyone involved, and a second batch of books hurriedly ordered. On June 10th 2017 the second instalment of the history was published – Into the Millennium (1939 – 2012).

Copies of the book are now available fromĀ  the Churchwardens
at Holy Trinity Church or via the Stroud Local History Society Website

Part 1: Victorian Vision (1839 – 1939)

HT Front CoverHT Rear Cover

Part 2 – Into the Millennium (1939-2012)