"Joy Murray"

Churchwarden Joy Murray

Dating back to the 13th century, the office of churchwarden is one of the earliest forms of lay ministry, which can include taking Morning and Evening Prayer, looking after the maintenance of the church buildings and grounds, helping with the smooth running of the day-to-day events of the church and being the bishop’s representative in the parish.

Their parish duties should not be carried out to the detriment of their spiritual growth, which they should maintain and increase. Churchwardens should attend all meetings of the PCC and Standing Committee and have regular meetings for prayer with their minister.

Responding to official questions about the parish and power of arrest of people interrupting the service, are all part of their remit. They are also responsible for the safety of the buildings and activities and will make an annual inspection of the church buildings.

"Richard Spring"

Churchwarden Richard Spring

Newcomers and visitors to the church are welcomed by the Churchwardens and introduced to other members of the congregation.

The churchwardens will share the responsibility of the parish during an Interregnum (the period between the departure of one minister and the appointment of his or her replacement), liaising with the Area Dean, and actually announcing the appointment of the new minister.

Holy Trinity’s churchwardens are Richard Spring (07810 140 955) and Joy Murray (01453 885738 or 07794 162 108).